Imagine if there were just a few little things you could do every day that would help you to feel a little bit more amazing. These are all quick, easy and best of all free.


1 – Smile and the world smiles with you

A simple way to boost your own happiness and that of those around you is to smile, not the fake one you used when you were posing for your school photos, but a genuine smile. Try it as the first thing you do when you see a friend, when something makes you happy, let the smile be firmly placed on your face, tell a joke to someone, do something a little silly to get a giggle – the choice is yours but the end result is an instant to boost to your happiness.

Plus smiling is contagious, what an awesome thing to spread.

2 – Go for a walk

In our busy lives it’s sometimes hard to find time to fit in more exercise. You may feel like you’re allergic to the idea of being in lycra or hate the idea of being in a gym or group activity – so don’t. Walking is an amazing way to get some exercise and you can do it in short bursts or go for a longer walk – the choice is yours. Just a few minutes every day will start making a real difference. Aim to walk fast enough to feel like you’re working your body a bit to get the most from it.

So how you can you walk more? Park further away from work or the shops, get off the bus a bit earlier, takes the stairs rather than the lift, ditch the car and walk to work or on the school run, give yourself 30 mins between getting home and starting dinner to go for a walk, clear your mind and reset yourself for an amazing evening, take the dog for a walk or borrow one!

3 – Say thank you to everyone, including you

Gratitude or appreciation is a superpower we all possess but don’t always remember to unleash into the world. Saying a simple thank you to someone is a very powerful act. I know you’ve been saying it for as long as you’ve been able to talk, but we so often forget and yet the benefits of saying thank you to someone are epic.

Did you know saying thank you to someone releases happy endorphins in them and you? It also helps to build relationships and at work it builds stronger teams and people are more productive.

How frustrated do you feel when someone doesn’t say thank you to you? Now imagine you can stop the people in your world feeling that way by making sure you simply say thanks.

Now add into this also thanking yourself and your superpower is truly unleashed. We’re so quick to criticise ourselves, looking at the negatives – when did you last stop and appreciate what you have and say a thank you to you for all the things you do or choose? I know it sounds crazy, but it’s amazing how you feel different by appreciating what you have. Give it a try, no one will ever know except you.

4 – Get more sleep

Sleep is so important to each and every one of us. There are numerous studies about the positive impact of getting enough sleep, but sleep also helps you to feel more amazing. If you give your body and mind chance to relax, repair and get ready for the next day it will also help to improve how you feel about everything in that day.

Think about when you’re at your best, it’s not when you’re dragging yourself through the day having had a bad night’s sleep or not enough sleep. Sleep helps our concentration, productivity and mood – so give yourself a fighting chance for an amazing day every day and aim to get a good night’s sleep.

(If you struggle with sleep, keep your eyes on our blog for more ideas to help you get a better night’s sleep)

5 – Say you’re “amazing” whenever possible

What did you answer someone when they last asked you how you were? Did you say “alright”, “not bad”, “surviving”? They are typical responses and seem on face value to be normal responses. Now let’s throw your subconscious into the mix – it has no sense of humour, no way to distinguish between what you say and what you really mean.

So when you say “alright”, it hears “not great”. When you say “not bad”, it hears “bad” because you’re not great. When you’re “surviving” it thinks you’re “struggling” because you’re surviving something and that’s rarely something positive. If you’re fighting to survive something, that’s never a good place to be.

Now let’s change tack slightly and think what you could say. How about you make your answer into a self fulfilling prophecy and say something positive. So next time you’re asked how you’re doing you say “amazing”, “awesome” or “brilliant” – not only is it hard to say this without a smile on your face and in your voice, it boosts your mood like a pat on the back and your subconscious is giving you a high 5 for being and doing an awesome job.

Give these quick tips a try and let us know the difference it’s making to your day.