It’s strange when we become a grown up with a job, that we seem to think that’s where the fun should stop. When you think you spend on average 283 days a year working (if you work full time), then surely this is an amazing place to start looking to boost your mood.

For a lot of people work can be a very stressful place, somewhere they feel under pressure and like they aren’t succeeding in the way they had dreamed of. What if by shifting the way you see your job, the tasks in hand and changed your approach it could help you to enjoy being there more, which in turn could help open more possibilities?

Let’s be honest, if you’re walking around with a face like thunder, why would your boss promote you? If you take every opportunity to gossip about your colleagues, why would they want to help you to boost your results or achieve your dreams?

There are however loads of ways you can change the way you feel about your job and the way you approach work and your colleagues which could help you climb the career ladder and enjoy every day as much as possible.

Eat that frog first

There is an amazing book entitled Eat That Frog (author Brian Tracy) and this first point comes from the principles of the book. We all have tasks we really don’t want to do – so the key to a happier day – get that thing done first. Then when it’s done, tick it off your list and move on to other things you enjoy more.

Celebrate that feeling as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you no longer having that black cloud looming over you.

Carrot or stick?

Which do you prefer? Do you prefer to work towards a reward or treat of some kind or do you prefer being pushed along by someone else’s agenda?

If you’re a carrot person, most of us are, why not create a whole load of little rewards you could treat yourself with when you hit a milestone, finish a task, in fact anything you’d like to have a mini celebration for, during the day. You could create a reward tin and put loads of ideas in then pick one out each time.

It could be as simple as getting a food treat at lunchtime, grabbing a posh coffee or buying a new box of tea, booking a pamper treatment, picking up your favourite dinner from the shops on your way home. As long as the rewards make you feel good, you’ll find cracking on with your workload a more inviting prospect.

Add some flower power

Did you know having flowers on your desk on within the office so you see them regularly can help to boost your mood? Flowers, the colours and the smell, can help to boost creativity and give you an instant pick-me-up. So look for ways you can add more into your workspace, brighten it up and share the happiness.

Get in the groove

Create yourself a productivity play list – whether this is something you’re allowed to listen to in the office, or whether you listen to it during your commute, music is a tried and tested method for boosting your mood, calming nerves and anxiety and helping you to achieve more.

Drink water

Keeping hydrated when at your desk is essential. Not only will it help keep nagging headaches at bay, it’ll also help your body work at its best. Plus those trips to the toilets keep your body moving and give your eyes and brain a break from the tasks in hand.


Smile and the world smiles with you. No one wants to work with a mood hoover. We all know them, the ones who seem to sap the fun, happiness and joy out of everything. There’s always a drama and nothing is ever good enough.

You don’t want to be that person, so smile. Smiling on the phone changes your voice tone and inflections, so the person on the other end knows you’re smiling. You write differently when you smile, so your emails are friendlier too and face to face, a genuine, proper smile is contagious. We love working with happier people, ones who see the bright side (and are realistic too) and make you feel good to be around.

Thank everyone

If you want those around you to work harder, achieve more and help you whenever you need them to – don’t forget your manners and say please and thank you at every opportunity. You’ll give them a little boost every time you say it, they’ll remember that feeling and together you’ll achieve more.

So the quickest way to boost productivity – say thank you, it doesn’t even take a second to say.

Acts of kindness

Engage in random acts of kindness at work, little things that can make someone else’s day brighter, easier and happier. It could be making a cuppa for a colleague who you don’t usually ask, buying treats for the office to share – for no specific reason, just because; or buying a plant or flowers for a colleague’s desk because they helped you with something. You could also do things just because it’s an awesome thing to do or you know it would make them smile.

Being the person to give an act of kindness releases endorphins in your system, these happy little hormones make you feel awesome. You get them typically when you give money or volunteer for a charity, eat chocolate (not too much though) or engage in some nookie (I find at work this often leads to you getting fired, so wouldn’t be recommended). So start thinking what acts of kindness you could share?

Celebrate all the good things

Often we are very selective with what we celebrate. We only choose the big things and they don’t come along that often. Why do we restrict ourselves to feeling good only for the big things, not all the other things which helped us to get there?

Imagine how your day would be transformed if you spent just a couple of minutes at the end of your work day celebrating anything and everything small that had gone right today. The things you’ve accomplished, the people you’ve helped, the difference you’ve made. Now we’re looking for small things here, not big ones, even your everyday tasks that went right. For example it could be that you’ve sent an email today for a prospective new client, or you had an amazing conversation with a customer, or you helped someone solve a problem, someone made you a cuppa, you made someone a cuppa, you went to lunch on time, you ticked off something from your ‘To Do’ list. Celebrate and enjoy them all, you’ve spent hours of your life doing them, so don’t overlook them, don’t minimise their importance or your own.