In 2017-18 business across Dorset lost over £18.5m in wages paid to staff taking sick leave as a result of work related stress, anxiety and depression. That amounts to over 171,000 working days taken off by employees in Dorset.

At Feel Amazing we are launching a campaign to help people across Dorset to feel more amazing every day.

Feel Amazing is founded by Kat Linsley Hood who has dedicated the past 20 years of her life to working within the charitable sector.

Mental health issues affect over 132,000 people in Dorset each year, of which I am one. Whether it’s something that affects you for a day, few days or potentially the rest of your life, it’s a very real challenge for so many of us.

At work, over 61,000 employees in Dorset each week are likely to have experienced a common mental health issue such as stress, anxiety and depression, however as a society, we still don’t openly talk about it.

Our ambition is to work with companies across Dorset to help provide them with hints, tips, advice and insights from some of the incredible organisations delivering support services to those with mental health in Dorset. Community action in a simple, effective way that has the power to change lives.

Launching the Feel Amazing 500 campaign on 7th February 2019, which is also Time to Talk Day encouraging people to talk about their mental health, we are looking to secure 500 companies in Dorset who pledge to support their employees’ mental health.

By joining the campaign and making a donation, in return companies will receive materials which can be displayed online and around their offices with practical advice for anyone with a mental health issue. They will also receive information and updates around mental health and wellbeing and get invitations to events being run to support mental health.

For more information or to get involved contact Kat on 07763 900744 or email and visit our dedicated Feel Amazing 500 page here