Beyond the Bullying:

Tackling the rise in bully at work


Imagine knowing what your organisation needs to say and do to head off the incoming rise in bullying at work that financial uncertainty and recessions cause. Imagine being able to implement some quick and easy strategies which could impact everyone in your organisation in a positive way and stem the rise in bullying at work.

If this sounds like something you need for your organisation then you’re in the right place and we have a programme which can help you right now to make a significant difference.

This is unlike any other bullying programme you may have seen and undertaken before. This isn’t about simply explaining what bullying is, but knowing what causes it and how to tackle incidents from increasing before your very eyes.

If you’re reading this, then the likelihood is you’re aware that bullying is a major risk to your organisation. It costs organisations a lot of time and money and potentially affects over half your workforce each year.

As someone who has been bullied at work, I know how this feels and the devastating effects being bullied can have on the lives of those affected.

This programme came about because whilst there are many programmes which aim to prevent bullying, they don’t necessarily tackle the core reasons why people bully and awareness alone simply isn’t enough and they don’t provide strategies and solutions you can implement NOW which can make a massive difference and fast.

As a director, manager, supervisor, team leader or human resources professional your responsibility isn’t just to increase sales or productivity, but also to look after and support your colleagues: to provide a safe and hopefully happy or enjoyable place to work: to get the best of your colleagues and retain the talent which helps you to achieve this.

Happy staff help every organisation to achieve their goals.

However, when an employee has been bullied, it’s very common to see this experience change them. Being bullied changes not only how they see the world, but how they see themselves within it.

Not only this, witnessing the bullying and seeing how the organisation and its management responds can also have a huge impact on the wider organisation. More people witness the bullying than are bullied. So if you’re not taking action now, you risk losing not only those who are bullied, but those who’ve witnessed the bullying too.

Those who are bullied may become less sure of themselves, less confident, need more reassurance, become quieter perhaps or more withdrawn, they may become worried or anxious, they can start questioning who they are and whether they are worthy, good or perhaps different and unlovable.

They can develop a different view of their capabilities and start questioning whether they can do things they wanted to do or achieve the dreams they had in their mind for their future. It may change the activities they do, what they wear and how they show up at work, to their colleagues and even within their personal lives. The impact bullying has on someone doesn’t end at the door.

Sadly, your colleagues are not alone in their experience.

Currently around 29% of people have experienced bullying at work. 10% have experienced bullying within the last 6 months. In the employment tribunal courts, cases involving bullying have increased by over 40% in just the last 12 months and over 40% of your staff may have witnessed bullying at work.

This is something we know gets worse during times of financial uncertainty and recession. Can your business afford not to be putting measures in place to help reduce the rates of bullying and boost the happiness and wellbeing of your employees?

Thankfully we have a solution to offer you and a programme which can teach you what you need to be doing now to make all the difference. It’s simple for every person within the organisation to get involved and our programme can start having a positive impact from the moment you start implementing any part of it.


There are things we can do now which can make a difference

Every business wants to be a success and I’m sure yours is no different.

You want to recruit amazing people and achieve your goals. But if you turn a blind eye to something which you know can be extremely damaging for every business and all those employed within it, then you’re setting ourselves up for many difficult situations and a more turbulent time than you could be facing.

But there are little, scientifically proven things every company can implement which are quick and very cost effective which can not only drive down the risk of bullying increasing, but also improve morale. happiness, mental wellbeing and even productivity.

They can also help to reduce bullying which may already be going on within your organisation too. 


So how does it work?

>> I’ll be lifting the lid on the reasons people bully so you can understand the main emotional needs which are driving the bullying behaviour

>> We’ll be talking communication, listening, critical thinking, appreciation and little things you can do to instantly boost their mental wellbeing 

>> I’ll be helping you learn how to implement 4 key strategies which can directly tackle these emotional needs at work which you can implement from the moment you’ve learned them

>> We’ll also be showing you them many ways in which kindness can show up and be seen everyday, so all those affected by bullying can start seeing it and believing it for themselves and knowing that we get to choose kindness and compassion and it’s one of the most powerful gifts we can ever give to ourselves and others

What you’ll do as a result of Beyond the Bullying:

    So much of what has happened and happens next is out of our control. We’re reliant on our colleagues behaving in a way where others don’t feel bullied at work. But rather than hope they’ll do this or change their behaviour, we can take control and implement things we know can make a real difference.

    Throughout this programme you’ll learn new things you can say and do at work to help reduce the potential of bullying rates going up and also quick things you can do to instantly boost the happiness of your colleagues.

    No more hoping, this is your chance to take action, to actively do things which are scientifically proven. These are simple, effective things you can do every day in your work place.

    Who am I & why should you learn from me?

    I’m Kat, mum of one, and I’ve experienced bullying in every decade of my life. As a child, as an adult and now as a parent too.

    My background has included working for charities (including one of the biggest children’s charities in the UK), founding and running my own social enterprise and supporting people with their physical and mental health and wellbeing. I been in senior management teams, run my own teams and my own companies too.

    I’ve done training with some of the biggest universities in positive psychology including Yale and University of Pennsylvania to ensure these programmes are based on the best science currently available to help manage our emotions, stress and to be able to take control of our happiness and help others to do so too.

    I created this and the other Beyond the Bullying programmes because everything I could find which related to bullying only talked about either what we do to prevent or reduce it, or how damaging it was.

    The question for me was what happens to those who’ve been affected.

    When I couldn’t find anything, I created it.

    My mission is simple: to help all those who’ve been affected by bullying to be able to rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and happiness to be able to live the life they dreamed off before they were bullied (or perhaps even to inspire them to dream even bigger and achieve even more).

    I’m here to help in any way I can. I’ve been there, I’ve experienced it first hand and I’ve learned what we can all do to help ourselves and others who’ve been affected.

    It’s time we took back control of our lives, rid ourselves of the shadows of bullying and learn to thrive once again.

    What they say…

    Kat’s training has been truly eye opening- we know that bullying is such a devastating ordeal that so many employees and teams unnecessarily have to deal with. We’re now confident that we have the resources and strategies to tackle any form of bullying in our team should it crop up and can proactively protect the mental well-being of our agency. We’re so pleased with how effective, communicative and entirely lovely Kat has been in delivering this training to us. Thankyou so much. Would definitely recommend.


    The life-changing topics included in the programme are:

    >> Communication: because everything starts with communication and collaboration and there are things we can all to do ensure we’re communicating in a way which reduces the risk of bullying behaviour

    >> Listening & watching: bullying can be subtle, so we nee to learn to notice the subtleties which are happening in our organisations and notice these little acts of bullying

    >> Critical thinking: enabling us to question what we see and hear and learn to dig a little deeper essential when not only spotting bullying within our organisations but also being able to not only understand how it has affected those involved, but how we can help them now to recover

    >> Thankfulness or appreciation: because it’s contagious and can be thrown around like confetti to make every house, school, company and community a happier place to be and it’s a super powerful tool for tackling bullying

    >> Random acts of kindness: so you can boost the happiness of yourself, your family and other people all around you and prove good things really can happen to anyone, anywhere and for no other reason other than to be kind and caring – the more kindness we see the less we allow the shadows of bullying to dominate our lives

    Get access to Beyond the Bullying: Tackling the rise in bullying at work

    The full programme costs just £97 (currently saving £50) with no additional or future costs. This will get you access to the full programme consisting of 4 strategies to help you put in place all the different aspects to help your reduce the risk of bullying in your workplace.



    More Details

    Included within this incredible programme are:

    > all the programme materials including 4 different tools and techniques you can start implementing from today

    > all the videos, audio and text versions of the programme available on demand whenever you want them and for you to come back to whenever you need them

    > 12 months access to this programme for you to dip in and out of

    > support from me should you need it via email or the contact us form

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