Beyond the Bullying:

The Parent & Carer Edition


Imagine knowing what to say and do to help your child recover from the trauma of being bullied and feel happy, confident and full of self-belief once again

If you’re reading this, then the likelihood is that your child or young person has been bullied.

As a parent myself, having been in this exact position, I know there’s no worse feeling than knowing someone has deliberately hurt your child.

I’m so sorry you and they have had this experience and I want you to know I’m here to help.

This programme came about because my little boy has been bullied at school and when I was looking for ways to help him to recover from the trauma he’d been experiencing, I found nothing that could help me to help him, so I created this programme.

As a parent or carer all we want is for our children to be happy and healthy. To grow up to fulfil their potential and create a life they dream of.

However, when a child has been bullied, it’s very common to see this experience change them. Being bullied changes not only how they see the world, but how they see themselves within it.

They may become less sure of themselves, less confident, need more reassurance, become quieter perhaps or more withdrawn, they may become worried or anxious, they can start questioning who they are and whether they are worthy, good or perhaps different and unlovable.

They can develop a different view of their capabilities and start questioning whether they can do things they wanted to do or achieve the dreams they had in their mind for their future. It may change the activities they do, what they wear and how they show up at school or within their friendship groups.

Sadly, your and my child are not alone in this experience.

Currently around 25% of children of school age are bullied each year and 63% of them say it has had a moderate to extreme impact on their mental wellbeing and health.

But there are things we can do to help them recover

There’s nothing more we want as parents than to be able to take this pain away and enable our children to go back to being themselves again, perhaps even a little stronger than they were before, and it is possible.

This programme has been put together using the science of positive psychology to create practical things we can do as parents and carers within our own homes and day to day interactions with our children to help them to recover from the bullying and become happy and confident once again.

Each part is designed to give you something you can do, not a forced activity, but perhaps a conversation starter or a little action you can take which will gradually help to restore their belief in both themselves and others and start to see there is more good and kindness in the world than hurt and pain.

So how does it work?

>> I’ll be lifting the lid on the reasons people bully do you can see and show your child how it wasn’t their fault and it’s not because of them they were bullied, but because of an unmet emotional need of the bully

>> We’ll be talking critical thinking, positive self-talk and optimism so you can supercharge what and how both you and your child think to enable them to question what they see and hear and most importantly to see the positives in their future

>> I’ll be helping you learn how to supercharge their bouncebackability so no matter what is thrown at them, or has been thrown at them, they’ll come back stronger

>> We’ll also be showing them many ways in which kindness can show up and be seen everyday, so they can start seeing it and believing it for themselves and knowing that we get to choose kindness and compassion and it’s one of the most powerful gifts we can ever give to ourselves and others

What you’ll do as a result of Beyond the Bullying:

    So much of what has happened and happens next is out of our control. We’re reliant on the school, the teachers, the other students and those who were involved in the bullying to do something about it.

    But you can take control of what you do to help your child on their path to recover and that starts here and now.

    Throughout this programme you’ll learn new things you can say and do with your child to help them rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and happiness.

    No more hoping, this is your chance to take action, to actively do things which are scientifically proven. These are simple, effective things you can do every day in your own home and in conversations.

    Who am I & why should you learn from me?

    I’m Kat, mum of one, and I’ve experienced bullying in every decade of my life. As a child, as an adult and now as a parent too.

    My background has included working for charities (including one of the biggest children’s charities in the UK), founding and running my own social enterprise and supporting people with their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

    I’ve done training with some of the biggest universities in positive psychology including Yale and University of Pennsylvania to ensure these programmes are based on the best science currently available to help manage our emotions, stress and to be able to take control of our happiness and help others to do so too.

    I created this and the other Beyond the Bullying programmes because everything I could find which related to bullying only talked about either what we do to prevent or reduce it, or how damaging it was.

    The question for me was what happens to those who’ve been affected.

    When I couldn’t find anything, I created it.

    My mission is simple: to help all those who’ve been affected by bullying to be able to rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and happiness to be able to live the life they dreamed off before they were bullied (or perhaps even to inspire them to dream even bigger and achieve even more).

    I’m here to help in any way I can. I’ve been there, I’ve experienced it first hand and I’ve learned what we can all do to help ourselves and others who’ve been affected.

    It’s time we took back control of our lives, rid ourselves of the shadows of bullying and learn to thrive once again.

    What they say…

    This programme is packed with so much value I don’t know where to start!

    Since my daughter started school a couple of years ago I have often felt pangs of anxiety about how to be a good parent and how best to help her navigate this time in her life.  Although it’s such a long time since I was at school I still do remember what it’s like to be a little girl trying to navigate myself through many new experiences learning to interact with other children from many different walks of life.

    Simply having access to this programme makes me no longer feel alone and in the dark when it comes to being a parent with a school aged child… And that’s before I actually implement any of the sound advice it’s packed with!

    All of the practical, actionable advice and alternative ways to view things this programme provides is priceless.  Which is so important because at the end of the day our children’s happiness and wellbeing are priceless too, isn’t it?

    Kat is clearly an expert in this field and her passion to help others navigate through these early yet important years of a child’s life with care and compassion is second to none.  Which is why I believe this programme is a must buy for any parent of school aged children.  Whether your child has experience of being bullied, been the bully or like my daughter, just learning to navigate life as a child.


    The life-changing topics included in the programme are:

    >> Critical thinking: enabling us to question what we see and hear and learn to dig a little deeper

    >> Positive self-talk: so we can quieten down that negative voice in our heads and replace it with one which helps us to feel a little more amazing

    >> Optimism: we can all learn to be more optimistic and really is one of the most life-changing things we can teach our children

    >> How to rate behaviour and not ourselves: so we can see that we do things sometimes things which weren’t our best choice or were even unkind or ‘bad’, that we all make mistakes, but none of that changes who we are as a person

    >> Forgiveness: how forgiving ourselves and others can release us from the hurt, frustration and anger continuing to control our lives

    >> Resilience: learning how we can bounce back from the challenges life throws at us so we can thrive at life and cope with whatever comes our way

    >> Self-care: and why it’s not selfish but absolutely essential to protect our wellbeing and to enable us to be our very best selves

    >> Thankfulness or appreciation: because it’s contagious and can be thrown around like confetti to make every house, school, company and community a happier place to be

    >> Random acts of kindness: so you can boost the happiness of yourself, your family and other people all around you and prove good things really can happen to anyone, anywhere and for no other reason other than to be kind and caring

    What they say…

    Kat’s knowledge and strategies have really helped me understand ways in which I can help my children. The strategies she suggests are so helpful and how she explains the theory and sciencey bits make it so easy to understand why things happen the way they do. I would 100% recommend this program to help you approach supporting your children in a way you may never have considered before.


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    Included within this incredible programme are:

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