Beyond the Bullying:

The Workplace Edition


Imagine your staff being empowered to know what to say and do to support anyone who’s been affected by bullying at work. Being able to help boost their confidence and self-esteem along with helping to boost their productivity and retaining their talent in your organisation. How much could that both save and generate for your business?

Workplace bullying costs employers in a whole range of different ways including absenteeism, presenteeism and potentially even employment tribunals where even if you win it could cost you over £8500 in legal fees, if you lose then it’s those fees plus whatever is awarded to the claimant. On top of this, over 70% of those who’ve experienced bullying in the workplace leave within 2 years increasing your recruitment and training costs.

Bullying at work affects around 29% of those working in the UK.

But there are things you can do to reduce both the risk and the cost implications. Beyond the Bullying: The Workplace Edition is unlike any other bullying programme you may have seen or undertaken before. This isn’t about simply explaining what bullying is, but knowing what causes it and how to help all those affected by it to recover.

There’s absolutely no doubt that bullying at work is a massive hidden risk to all organisations. Where there are people, there’s a strong chance of there being some bullying at some time. Even if you aren’t aware of it, it’s likely to be happening.

Bullying at work is hugely detrimental to the wellbeing of your staff and to your business and the impacts can be far reaching in terms of the cost to the individuals of their mental health and wellbeing and to the productivity and financial security of the organisation too.

As someone who has first hand experienced the impact of being bullied at work, I can assure you that the impact can be life-changing.

Bullying can happen to anyone at any level of the organisation and in times of financial uncertainty, the rates of bullying increase in workplaces. People feel less safe and secure and will sometimes turn to bullying behaviour to try and ensure their place is more secure within the organisation.

This programme was developed because whilst there are many, many programmes which explain what bullying is, or bullying and the law, there weren’t any which focused on how to help someone recover from bullying within the workplace. Yet there are things that can be done. These are simple, quick, effective and scientifically proven. Everything recommended within this programme is based on the science of positive psychology.

If, as employers, directors, managers, team leaders, human resources personnel, office managers we want to not only understand the motivations to bully, but also how we can help the person who’s been bullied to recover and potentially even come back stronger, then this programme will help you.

If you spend a little time, supporting the person who has been bullied you can help them to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem, build trust in the organisation and enable them to go back to being the person they were before they were bullied. This massively reduces the impact of absenteeism, presenteeism, leaving and tribunals.

The impact of bullying on the person who has been bullied doesn’t stop just because the bullying does, the shadow bullying leaves behind is very long.

When someone experiences, or even witnesses bullying, it can impact their confidence, become withdrawn, be a little quieter, need additional support and reassurance, may doubt their capabilities, may contribute less ideas or solutions, they are likely to feel more stressed, anxious, upset, nervous and be more likely to suffer from depressive thoughts or depression.

Their view of themselves, their capabilities, the job they do, the security they felt, the ambition they had, the trust they had for the company are all affected when someone is bullied. It can show up in so many different ways from their attitude at work, their productivity, how much they engage with others, the way they react to others they work with, how they dress, their attendance and much more. Sometimes it can be subtle, but even if it’s less noticeable on the outside, it won’t feel that way to them on the inside.

According to research by the TUC, currently around 29% of people are bullied at work and in the employment courts, cases including bullying have risen by over 40% in the last 12 months alone. In addition to those who’ve been bullied, over 40% witness bullying, therefore bullying can affect nearly 70% of your workforce.



But there are things you can do to make a difference

What if I told you there were simple, quick, effective and very low cost things you and your colleagues could do which could have a significant impact on not only helping all those who’ve been affected by bullying at work, but also to boost the health, wellbeing and even productivity of all those within your organisation?

That’s what the Beyond the Bullying: The Workplace Edition programme delivers.

Everything is this programme can be easily included in every workplace. You don’t need additional resources, to buy anything additional, you just have to be willing to learn and give it a go.


So how does it work?

>> I’ll be explaining the real reasons and motivations which make people bully so you can see and show your colleague how it wasn’t their fault and it’s not because of them they were bullied, but because of an unmet emotional need of the bully

>> We’ll be talking critical thinking, positive self-talk and optimism so you can supercharge what and how both you and your colleague think to enable them to question what they see and hear and most importantly to see the positives in their future

>> I’ll be helping you learn how to supercharge their bouncebackability so no matter what is thrown at them, or has been thrown at them, they’ll come back stronger

>> We’ll also be exploring the many ways in which kindness can show up and be seen everyday, so they can start seeing it and believing it for themselves and knowing that we get to choose kindness and compassion and it’s one of the most powerful gifts we can ever give to ourselves and others. This can have a significant impact and boost for everyone in the organisation almost instantly

What you’ll be able to do as a result of Beyond the Bullying:

    Bullying is often out of our control, we often find our after it’s happened and then are left investigating, supporting and trying to resolve the conflict. This will help you understand and be able to take control of the situation and know what you need to do next to help those who’ve been bullied at work.

    Throughout this programme you’ll learn new things you can do and say, questions you can ask and activities or actions you can take to support those who’ve been bullied.

    For too long the main action which has been taken has been focused on the person doing the bullying. Now we need to focus on helping and supporting the person or people who’ve been bullied. It wasn’t their fault, so our actions need to be focused on supporting them to rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and belief in themselves and the organisation.

    Who am I & why should you learn from me?

    I’m Kat, mum of one, and I’ve experienced bullying in every decade of my life. As a child, as an adult and now as a parent too.

    My background has included working for charities (including one of the biggest children’s charities in the UK), founding and running my own social enterprise and supporting people with their physical and mental health and wellbeing. I been in senior management teams, run my own teams and my own companies too.

    I’ve done training with some of the biggest universities in positive psychology including Yale and University of Pennsylvania to ensure these programmes are based on the best science currently available to help manage our emotions, stress and to be able to take control of our happiness and help others to do so too.

    I created this and the other Beyond the Bullying programmes because everything I could find which related to bullying only talked about either what we do to prevent or reduce it, or how damaging it was.

    The question for me was what happens to those who’ve been affected.

    When I couldn’t find anything, I created it.

    My mission is simple: to help all those who’ve been affected by bullying to be able to rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and happiness to be able to live the life they dreamed off before they were bullied (or perhaps even to inspire them to dream even bigger and achieve even more).

    I’m here to help in any way I can. I’ve been there, I’ve experienced it first hand and I’ve learned what we can all do to help ourselves and others who’ve been affected.

    It’s time we took back control of our lives, rid ourselves of the shadows of bullying and learn to thrive once again.

    What they say…

    Kat’s understanding, empathy and support for those who’ve been bullied is incredible. Her approach, by showing the practical things those who’ve been bullied (or those who are supporting people who’ve been bullied) can do to help rebuild their confidence and self-esteem is refreshing. It brings hope and enables them to take action.


    The life-changing topics included in the programme are:

    >> Critical thinking: enabling us to question what we see and hear and learn to dig a little deeper

    >> Positive self-talk: so we can quieten down that negative voice in our heads and replace it with one which helps us to feel a little more amazing

    >> Optimism: we can all learn to be more optimistic and really is one of the most life-changing things we can learn for ourselves and teach others

    >> How to rate behaviour and not ourselves: so we can see that we do things sometimes things which weren’t our best choice or were even unkind or ‘bad’, that we all make mistakes, but none of that changes who we are as a person

    >> Forgiveness: how forgiving ourselves and others can release us from the hurt, frustration and anger continuing to control our lives

    >> Resilience: learning how we can bounce back from the challenges life throws at us so we can thrive at life and cope with whatever comes our way

    >> Self-care: and why it’s not selfish but absolutely essential to protect our wellbeing and to enable us to be our very best selves

    >> Thankfulness or appreciation: because it’s contagious and can be thrown around like confetti to make every house, school, company and community a happier place to be

    >> Random acts of kindness: so you can boost the happiness of yourself, your colleagues and other people all around you and prove good things really can happen to anyone, anywhere and for no other reason other than to be kind and caring

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    Included within this incredible programme are:

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