Our Beyond the Bullying programmes

Helping you and those you know to start recovering from the impact of being bullied

I’ve been dealing with bullying in my own life for over 35 years, there’s not a single decade in my life which hasn’t been touched by bullying, whether that’s bullying at school (both primary and secondary) or bullying at work. It’s created insecurities and doubts and at times has held me back from being able to achieve the things I’ve dreamed of. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Whilst there has been 40 years of research into bullying and the affects it has on those being bullied, hundreds of anti-bullying and bullying prevention programmes, the one thing missing until now was how do we best support those who’ve been bullied?

Our signature programmes ‘Beyond the Bullying’ are designed to help those who’ve been bullied to get the information, learning, tools and support you need to help you overcome the impact bullying has and to enable you to be the best version of you that you can be.

You choose which type of learning you prefer from our options below:


If you prefer instant access and to learn online, then here's our online self study programmes

Each of our online self study programmes offers the full programme online in individual modules you can watch, listen to or read, depending on your preferred learning style.

If you prefer to learn live whilst going through the programme with a group, then our online group study programmes are for you

Sometimes it’s easier to work through the programme with me guiding you through the learning and having opportunities to ask any questions as we go, if this is how you prefer to learn then have a look here. 

Perhaps you'd like me to come and run a workshop or some face to face training with your organisation, if so these are for you

If you want to deliver the training to your whole management team, groups of employees, teacher training or groups of students, then we can run live in person workshops and training. Click below for information on the programmes available.

 Why choose me?


I’ve developed these programmes because of the experiences I’ve had as a child, as an adult and now as a parent. I’ve worked in the charitable sector, funding, supporting and helping to create programmes just like these.

When I looked around recently for support for bullying my little one has experienced and did some of the training available, the thing which stood out most to me was the lack of support for those who’ve been bullied. Who helps them to recover from their experience and limit the impact bullying has on their lives?

When I couldn’t find anything, I created it.

Now I’m not here to replace mental health programmes or any medical or psychological support which has been recommended. The programmes I’ve created are things you can do each day to help make small steps forward.

This isn’t a fad, it’s not untested, these programmes are built on the foundations of the latest positive psychology science which is proven to support us to live happier and healthier lives.

I’m an honest, open, mum of one, who’s spent a life time struggling with their mental health, bullying and wellbeing – looking for a solution which could help people I’ve met over the years, struggling just like me. When I couldn’t find anything, I created it. So give it a go, try something new, believe in the science and in yours and others ability to be happier and healthier too. 

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