Do you and your colleagues feel amazing at work?


In Dorset there are currently over 368,000 people who are employed. Of those it is likely that around 92,000 experience a mental health issue at some point each year, that’s 1 in 4 of the staff at your company. In any one week 1 in 6, over 61,000 employees in Dorset may experience a common mental health issue such as anxiety, stress or depression.

These experiences can range from issues which last for just a few hours or days, to others which they may live with each and every day. Mental health levels in everyone fluctuate. One minute you can feel truly amazing and then the next, for whatever reason, something stops you feeling good. This can be in response to something external happening to you, or some internal thoughts. Have you ever stopped to consider the impact of mental health to your business?

There are over 32,000 businesses in Dorset – each one is likely at some point to experience an impact to their business of poor mental health. That includes those who are self employed.

Last year over 171,000 working days were lost to just work related stress, anxiety and depression. That equates to a cost of over £18.5m in wages to these staff. That’s a huge amount of money lost because we aren’t openly talking about and putting actions in place to support mental health.


Why don’t we talk about it?

There’s no point in pretending, talking about mental health can be awkward. It’s not a conversation we have openly. It’s easy to ask if someone is ok, it’s completely different to actually listen to their answer.

Fear is a massive driving force for why we don’t ask and why people don’t tell. Fear from an employee’s perspective of being judged, treated differently, held back, discriminated against, bullied, laughed at or even sacked.

20% of those who have disclosed a mental health issue to their employers felt they were sacked or forced from their jobs as a result of their mental health condition.

However, there’s also fear from an employer’s or manager’s side too. What would you say? Would you say something which could make it worse? What changes would you have to make to support them? Are they possible or costly? Do you know what these mental health issues are and how to help someone?

Making changes is easier than you think

There are lots of things you can do as an employer to help and support yourself and your staff. It’s true you may need to consider some reasonable adjustments to someone, but keep in mind, these are likely to be small and they will help improve the productivity of a member of staff.

It’s also possible to empower people to make changes themselves, or to help them to find the right person who can support them, at work or outside of it.

Off the top of your head, can you name 3 or maybe 5 companies who could support a colleague, a member of your staff or a friend who is struggling with their mental health? Have you had a recommendation from anyone for an organisation who is offering a service which has helped them with their mental health? Sadly, even though hundreds of these organisations exist locally, as we’re not talking about our mental health, we’re also not talking about how, when and where you can get help.

You can start making a difference today

If this has struck a chord with you, and we’re really hoping it has, then you are in a position now to start making a difference. Feel Amazing is a brand new social enterprise that has launched in Dorset. We have one sole focus – to help people feel more amazing every day.

We want to help empower you and your staff, by bringing you lots of information to help support your mental health and wellbeing.

We are giving you the opportunity to become part of our campaign the Feel Amazing 500. We are initially looking for 500 companies locally to come on board and commit to supporting themselves and their staff with their mental health. To be a part of this movement we are asking for a minimum annual donation of £100. In return, you’ll receive the following:

  • Regular e-shots with posters and other marketing materials which you’ll be able to use on social media, your intranet or print and pop on notice boards, in staff rooms or on the back of toilet doors with hints, tips and advice from local companies which could help yourself or your staff to feel a little more amazing – it’ll also include their contact details for anyone feeling they need someone to talk to
  • A special Feel Amazing 500 member badge for you to share demonstrating your commitment to the mental health of your staff
  • A Feel Amazing 500 membership certificate for you to display as your pledge to help make a difference to mental health locally
  • Access to our blogs and website along with a regular newsletter with updates and important information
  • The chance to be involved in our PR opportunities
  • Discounted tickets to our events for your staff


To get involved or to find out more call Kat on 07763 900744 or email