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Welcome to Feel Amazing, a social enterprise with a big mission – to help everyone feel a little bit more amazing every day.

It’s no secret; most people – both adults and children – want to feel a bit better about something in their lives. This could be our health, mental health, fitness, weight, nutrition or another part of our well-being.

It’s still a taboo though and we have become experts at hiding behind a false reality through social media. Between filters and selectively posting only the best bits, the impact that this has on us every day can be massive.

Our aim is simple – to help provide lots of ways for you to feel more amazing.

You can get involved through reading our brand new Feel Amazing magazine, launching with the East Dorset magazine in Spring 2019, or by attending the Feel Amazing Expo happening at the BIC in Bournemouth on Sunday 29th September 2019 or through reading our blogs or attending other events we’ve got planned.

We’re also hoping to have a podcast launching in 2019 too – so whether you like to read, meet up face to face, watch or read online or to listen to us – we’ll have you covered.

Every one we will be featuring will be easy for you to access, should you want to. Our experts will be from the local community – meaning you’re not too far away from getting the help, support or activity you’re looking for.

We are launching this year in East Dorset, but our ambition over the coming years is to bring Feel Amazing to the whole of the UK.

Join the Feel Amazing Expo – 29th Sept 2019

On Sunday 29th September 2019 we’ll be bringing together lots of incredible experts under one roof with one focus – to help you feel more amazing!

With stands for you to come along and chat to a wide range of experts in healthcare, mental health, fitness, nutrition, weight loss and much more – you’ll be able to gain insights into the incredible support and services on your door step.

Plus you’ll have chance to learn from a selection of these inspirational people through our short, TED style talks with over 15 guest speakers taking to our stage throughout the day.

Grab a cuppa and enjoy the Feel Amazing Magazine – available spring 2019

Give yourself a chance to sit down, be inspired and read some incredible hints, tips, articles and life hacks to help you feel more amazing and start the year in the best possible way. Packed full of information to help you make changes in your life and start feeling more amazing every day.

There will be hard copies and a free downloadable option too to ensure everyone who wants one, gets one.

Summer Activity Spectacular – coming launching summer 2020

In the summer of 2020 we’ll be launching the Summer Activity Spectacular – your one stop shop to find lots of incredible activities for you and your children over the summer holidays. Be inspired by a wide range of different activities and listen to some incredible speakers giving you lots of hints and tips for surviving the summer and feeling amazing throughout it.

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