Welcome to your Meal Tracker – here you’ll be able to search for foods, keep an eye on your calorie intake and add recipes. All putting you firmly in control of looking after you.

Quick Start Guide:

1. To add a food to your personal database, click on ‘Add Meal’ – you can add individual food items or a complete meal, whatever works best for you. When the box appears, select ‘Manually’ and complete the information – name of item, any description you want to add, the calories and save. This will then be part of your personal database.

2. Within the database are a number of non-branded items already and we will continue to add to these and add the items featured in recipes and on social media.

3. To add a food from your personal database, click ‘Add Meal’ and then in the top search bar start typing in the name of the item you have previously saved and add to your day.