Our online group study programmes

Guided study online in groups

Sometimes you don’t want to study on your own, you want to be part of a group, a small group, where you can go through the programme each week, discussing a different aspect of the programme, join in weekly Zoom calls and ask any questions you may have. That is what the online guided study groups are designed to provide.

Each week Kat will deliver an aspect of the programme to you for you to learn and try to implement. You’ll also have the peer support of your group too.

Each group will be limited to a maximum of 20 people per group to ensure support can be given and there’s enough time to answer your questions.

Please note, this is not a therapy style session and will not replace any therapy or medical directed mental health programme.

There will be no need to share your or anyone else’s bullying experience with Kat or the group, the focus will always be on working through the programme in a supported way.


This programme is for individuals who’ve been bullied and want to learn positive psychology based actions to help recover from the bullying trauma and rebuild their confidence and self-esteem.

Programme begins on 1st November 2022. 

This programme is designed to support those in HR, managerial or supervisor roles to confidently know how to support staff when they’ve been bullied.

Sadly bullying rates rise during times of financial uncertainty, does your organisation have a plan which specifically focuses on minimising the impact on the staff and the business?

Bullying rates in schools currently stand at around 25% of children and young people every year. Does your school have the knowledge and skills to be able to support those affected to rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and happiness to enable them to thrive once again?

Still Have Questions? I’m happy to answer them