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Bullying costs UK companies over £18bn a year – can you afford to not be helping all those within your organisation who’ve been affected by bullying at work to not only recover, but be able to thrive again? Bullying affects absenteeism, presenteeism, staff retention and turnover, training costs and productivity. Learn what you can do to make a real difference.

What if you could tackle the incoming threat of a rise in bullying at work whilst boosting the happiness, mental wellbeing and productivity of your whole organisation. There are things every employer, manager, team leader and human resources professional can do now to make a real difference.


If you’ve been bullied and want help to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem and to enable you to feel back in control of your life and be able to leave the past behind and stop thinking about it over and over again, this programme is for you.


The programme for parents and carers to help your child recover and feel happy again after bullying. In here you’ll get lots of tools and support to know the things to say and the things to do which can help your child to rebuild their confidence and self-esteem and be able to be themselves once again.

If you’ve been bullied because of your weight, or your weight has changed as a result of being bullied and you want support to recover, feel happier and lose weight, then this is the programme you need.

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Bullying within schools affects around 25% of children and young people – the impact this has on their lives can be significant and long-lasting affecting their mental health and wellbeing. More needs to be done to help those who’ve been bullied to recover and learn to thrive again.

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