6 weeks off school in the summer is both exciting and terrifying. Exciting for the kids, no school for 6 whole weeks! Potentially terrifying for parents – how are we going to keep them entertained during that time?

We want to help you plan an incredible summer to create unforgettable memories and feel amazing throughout the summer holidays.

To help every parent and child across Dorset, we’re launching the Feel Amazing Summer Activity Spectacular – an event unlike any other.

Under one roof at the Bournemouth International Centre we’re able to have over 100 activity providers, local attractions, holiday clubs and other fun things you can do during the summer with your children. So in one visit you can check out everything on offer and plan the school holidays a month before they kick off!

We’ll also be inviting some incredible speakers to share insights into not only things you can do, but also tips and tricks to support parents and children during this time off – helping you to feel a little more amazing during the summer holidays, in life in general and as you head towards the new school year.

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If you’re an activity provider, kids club or similar and would like some more information on how you can get involved, drop us an email here or call Kat on 07763 900744